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Our Services

Quality mobile on-site interior leather and vinyl repair for automobiles and furniture.

Onsite Interior Repairs and Restoration Services 


We repair all types of leather, vinyl and plastic in a car interior or on a piece of leather furniture. We are expert leather masters who provide pre-purchase opinions, inspections, microscopic inspections, insurance reporting and expert court witness testimony services. We specialize in restoring your leather or vinyl automotive seats to their original or even better condition. We are experienced and fully equipped to repair and restore the leather or vinyl seats, door panels or dashboard of your vehicle using state of the art supplies and materials. We fix punctures, holes, small rips, tears, scratches, ink marks, stains, fading, body oil damage, peeling dashboards etc. Our color experts provide color matching and re-dying  to freshen up your leather interiors. 

Image by Logan Clark


We repair car, truck and SUV seats, new factory parts painted to match your interior, door panels, dashes, steering wheels, warranty protection work and accident insurance work. Our experts provide car leather seat repairs, restoration of vinyl and plastic interiors to their prime condition.



The largest items are no doubt recreational vehicles. We repair slide out damage to seats and dashes as well as the vehicle seating. We’ll come to your location to perform onsite repairs for your leather or vinyl. Allow us to come to your RV and save you the trip. 


For bulky office and home furniture, we repair sofas, chairs and ottomans and offer redying, warranty work, aniline, sauvage finishes (mottled look), base & print, wax-pull ups, warranty work and moving damage. 

Leather Wear and Deterioration 



You’ve probably seen what the sun can do to the paint of an older car. The same thing happens to the leather interior. Over time, the sun will bleach the color and cause the leather to fade. Our leather artisans use safe, non-toxic dyes to restore and rejuvenate your leather interior.


As leather starts to dry out it will lose its suppleness and elasticity. When that happens, you’ll notice it becomes more uncomfortable to sit on and starts to look pretty bad. We use our decades of experience and equipment to condition and restore your leather to give it a new lease on life.


Another big issue is scratches on leather. Whether it’s keys, sharp metal clips or buckles on bags, pet claws, or other equipment, scratches will often become the first thing you see when you get in your car or vehicle. Depending on the size, length, and location of the scratch, our leather experts are often able to dramatically reduce its appearance and restore your leather.


Most common types of stains on leather are body oils and dye transfer from clothing like blue jeans. But other types of stains are not uncommon. Beverage and food stains, ink from pens, or even pet stains can all leave marks on your beautiful leather. To remove the stains and get your leather looking fabulous again we use specialized products for all of our leather car interior repair, restoration and cleaning.

What Our Clients Say

Ken B. Dixon

Randy is a miracle worker. A true master of his craft. I own a Tesla Model X. The repair was well beyond my expectations and the seat looks as if nothing ever happened. I was dumbfounded. It is very apparent that Randy takes great pride in his craft. He explained the repair process in a way that laymen could understand it. He even charged me less than what he originally quoted due to the job being faster than he expected. It is also very apparent that Randy is a good, honest man who practices sound business ethics. I would HIGHLY recommend Maslom Interiors to anyone in need of repairs, and they will most certainly be the ONLY interior repair company I use going forward. I just cannot give this company and Mr. Goodwin enough praise. 

  • Do you provide free estimates?
    Yes. We provide over the phone, text with photos or email with photos. We do onsite estimates if requred.
  • Can I bring items to you?
    No, as we are a mobile service and come to your location eliminating the hassle of a drop off. For an estimate, just text us a picture instead of bringing the item to us. If necessary, we can pick up the damaged part and return it to you in a day or two with the work completed.
  • How long do most repairs take?
    Most repairs can be done in about 2-3 hours. Once we look at it, we can give you a time estimate. One thing we never do is rush. We view every job as the most important job. We take as long as it takes and then we move on to the next job.
  • Does Maslom Interiors offer any guarantees?
    We offer a one year guarantee against peeling and chipping and colorfastness. Most of our repairs last for years. Occasionally something happens that has to be touched up. Contact us and we will gladly fix it again.
  • How long will the repair hold up?
    We perform the same steps used in the original dying and tanning process so most repairs hold up over time. We also place a one year warranty on most repairs.
  • Do you provide free estimates?
    Yes, over the phone and by email with photos. Generally, if we do an on-site estimate, there is a $50 charge which may be deducted from the repair cost depending on the size of the job if you chose to have the work done.
  • How does your pricing work?
    We estimate by the job, known as flat rate pricing, with a minimum charge of $150
  • What payment type do you offer?
    Cash, Check, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Zelle, and Venmo.
  • Can you match the original color exactly?
    Yes. We mix the color on site so it is an exact match.
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