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Maslom Interiors Van
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Background and History

Originally trained by Leather Master  over 20 years ago, Maslom Interiors has been serving our valued clients for over  25 years. As a family run business, Maslom Leather Interiors repair specializes in the restoration and repair of leather, vinyl and plastic materials, expanded vinyl, hard plastic and epoxy repair. We make every attempt to deliver total customer satisfaction. This persistent effort is demonstrated by the numerous customer endorsements and referrals we receive. 

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About Randy

Randy enjoys seeing happy customers every day and he also loves the fact that every day is different. It doesn’t matter if he spends 5 hours wearing magnifying glasses or if he uses dental picks to make sure every nook and cranny is taken care of because Randy sincerely enjoys his repair work. Randy is also a problem solver and he completes his work at a reasonable rate. This way, he can help save his clients money, put a smile on their face and have their automobile or items back quickly all the while knowing the job is well done. Randy has won awards in the industry for the best work truck!  His top level certifications are with Leather Master and SEM and he is also certified with Fitzgeralds, Superior Restoration, Stainsafe, Guardsman and Guardian. With those certifications, Randy’s extensive services include repairing small tears, scuffs cuts, pet damage, ink marks, sun fading, dye transfer, color matching, cigarette burns, stains and cracks. 

​What sets Maslom Interiors apart?

Maslom Interiors  focuses solely on your repair, satisfaction guaranteed because they are guided by their core values.








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